Server Rules.

Access to Servers:

  • Your Steam account must be older than 30 days to play on Servers. (No exceptions).
  • No VAC or Game Bans younger than 60 days. (If you have too many reports by other players with less than 120 days since your last ban you will likely be banned regardless of evidence, you can appeal in Discord.)
  • You will be banned if you are affiliated with groups involved in hacking / cheating / scripting etc.
  • No URLs / websites / advertising names in player names.
  • If players are found to be cheating, the player & their whole team / clan will receive a ban in most cases. Do NOT play with cheaters.
  • We reserve the right to ban any player who has too many player reports, low game hours, suspicious activity, boosted profile hours etc.
  • Bans can be appealed in our Discord, go to #ban-appeals

In-Game Chat & Voice:

  • Please Keep Global Chat in English. We are a UK based gaming community & cannot moderate in other languages. You may use any language in team chat & PM.
  • Do NOT spam the chat.
  • NO Racism / Homophobia / Slurs / Overly toxic players, this applies to chat, in-game voice & PM's.
  • Keep "Hackusations" out of chat. If you think another player is cheating, please F7 report them and open a ticket in #player-reports in our Discord. Breaches of this rule will result in Mute > Kick > or even ban in some cases.
  • NO NSFW / Pornographic images etc on signs in-game or in Discord.
  • No advertising or website URL's.

Group Limits & Teaming:

  • Please use the /clan system to manage your group so there is no confusion for staff or other players. If there is nobody online with the ability to invite new members, make sure this is done as soon as they log on.
    • Where there is a max group limit (use /rules in-game to see), you must respect this. The limit is for online / offline total.
    • You CANNOT raid / roam / cross-team / associate with another clan / team, even if your combined numbers are less than the maximum group size limit.
    • You can remove members of your clan once per wipe only. Once they are removed, they cannot be re-added to the clan until after wipe. Their beds / bags must be destroyed. This applies to active players or inactive players that return later in the wipe.
    • Teaming & exceeding group limits is taken very seriously. If breaches of these rules are identified, ALL members of clans involved will be server banned (online & offline).
    • Bans can be appealed in our Discord, go to #ban-appeals


    • NO walling off monuments (mining quarries & caves ARE allowed - not Large Excavator).
    • Do not impersonate staff / admin or other players.