Terms Of Service

Donations for VIP packages from RustyNuts.gg Store are non-refundable. There are no physical goods, only in game items or perks (no monetary value), given in exchange for your donation to the RustyNuts.gg game servers store.

If you are Game banned by Facepunch, VAC banned by Steam or server banned from any of the RustyNuts.gg game servers for any reason, you will not automatically be eligible for refund of any VIP package / perk purchased.

Refunds (or part thereof), are at the sole discretion of the server Admin.

Where purchasing a VIP package, this entitles you to VIP status on all RustyNuts.gg servers for the period stated. Where VIP kits are included in the perks on set servers, these are only redeemable once in any 7 day period. This 7 day period begins from the moment you redeem a VIP kit and does not reset when a package expires. Please note, If your VIP status expires & is renewed, the 7 day cooldown period for VIP kits still applies.