Welcome to the new RustyNuts.gg Rust server store!

There are several different tiers of VIP packages available. If you wish to purchase anything from the store, please read all the information with each package fully so you don't have any issues redeeming your kit.

Click "More info" to view the contents of each VIP package.

PLEASE NOTE!: You may only have ONE VIP package active at any one time. Any purchase automatically removes any current package & activates the new one.

If you wish to upgrade during an active period, please open a ticket in the #support channel in our Discord & I can arrange a refund for the time remaining on the current package before you purchase the upgrade.

ALL kits & VIP perks apply across all RustyNuts.gg 5x Modded Servers. Please note however, Kits are not available on our Vanilla & 2x Vanilla servers. Queue skip & quality of life perks such as Furnace Splitter, Bgrade, SkinBox, Sign Artist & optional VIP chat tag are available on our 2x servers. ONLY queue skip is only allowed on our Vanilla servers under Facepunch rules because it is a "Community Server".

Please note, no refunds will be made for any package where a player was banned for breaking rules or VAC/Game banned. Any refund is at the discretion of staff only.

Check out our Discord at https://discord.me/rustynutsgg for help or any questions.


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