Welcome to RustyNuts.gg Rust Game Servers!

Created for Rust players, by Rust players.

RustyNuts.gg game servers are hosted on our own powerful dedicated servers on fast 250Mbps connections for a smooth, lag-free Rust gaming experience. There is no over-subscribed & under-powered shared game server hosting here!

Fully customised Rust server installations with carefully selected & configured plug-ins, painstakingly tested, maintained & tweaked to perfection for your enjoyment, all adds up to an enjoyable & fun gaming experience.

RustyNuts.gg servers are certainly not Pay-to-Win, but should you wish to support us there are various tier VIP options which you can purchase in exchange for in-game items & exclusive quality of life perks to enhance your experience on our servers. Supporters also get a special Supporters role in our Discord community when they verify their Discord account with our servers. Donations go into covering server costs & improvements. Click on VIP Packages in the menu to find out more.

We have a growing community on Discord where you can also get support from the server Admin or from other players. Connect using the Discord widget to the right or on the Contact page!

Check out our server page & find a server that suits you. We have a growing selection with various configurations. All our servers are monitored & rules enforced by a single active non-playing owner/admin because we know this is important to most people.

We look forward to welcoming you to RustyNuts.gg servers & hope you have a lot of fun on them.


(RustyNuts.gg Owner/Admin)

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